Haven Trust Supporting People Limited provides 24 hour support with high dependency funding via Housing Benefit and Supporting People funding.

The primary purpose is to support tenancies so that Service Users can move on to independent living. The project provides support to those who are single homeless with drug and alcohol misuse problems. We operate a “dry house” policy, which means that no unprescribed medication or alcohol is allowed. Therefore only people who have been ‘detoxed’ or who have refrained from taking drugs and/or drink can be allowed to partake of the project. Provision is made for a phased move into independent living via the ‘Move-on Strategy’ so that the Service User is prepared for all aspects of resettlement. There is an initial intensive mechanism where support is provided on a daily basis in the first week so that issues such as furniture, budgeting and other needs are addressed to give every possibility for a smooth and successful transition. Thereafter, a total of one year’s support (or more when necessary) is given in the form of phone calls, letters, visits to, visits from past service users. After the first year, contact is made once a year or as often as a Service User requests further support. Records are kept of all such contacts so that reports, surveys and statistics are kept for Welsh Assembly requirements.


Extracurricular activities include walking in Gower and its beaches, visits to the theatre, cinema, museums , art galleries, leisure centres and swimming as well as visits to “Verdi’s” and other coffee houses. The residents have visits arranged to County Hall, The Guildhall and, as schedules permit, the Mansion House, where tours are conducted to help foster awareness of their citizenry and their sense of belonging. An official visit has also been arranged for the residents to meet the first citizen of Swansea, The Lord Mayor. All of these things are designed to foster greater awareness of the residents’ own self-worth and confidence. This all adds to the confidence needed to sustain tenancies.

The project provides an opportunity for each individual to have a support development plan and a risk assessment both of which require assessments, planning and monthly review. These are drawn up in consultation with the service user to give the individual attention and opportunity to inter-relate and partake of relaxed dialogue and meaningful support. The backdrop is always a congenial one in which the vulnerable resident is helped to feel accepted that they belong, are regarded, consulted and included. They are encouraged in self-determination and self-empowerment. The social and life-skills they acquire through interaction and various responsibilities within the house further empower them to make decisions for themselves and ultimately sustain tenancies. The object therefore is to see each individual succeed and take control of their lives.

Through high dependency support the Service User gradually acquires the confidence that allows them to progress to independent living with support from Haven Trust Supporting People Limited and or floating support. Then onto full integration into society knowing we are always there for further advice if an issue arises. Past service users are always encouraged to return for a cup of tea and a chat either to keep in touch or share their progress and challenges so that we can either offer further support, advice or provide a point of contact.